A Greek approach to TRANSLATION A coursebook in advanced translation

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A Greek approach to TRANSLATION A coursebook in advanced translation

Σύνοψη του βιβλίου "Greek Approach Translation Student's Book"

The Greek approach has been written with the specific aim of meeting the needs of Greek learners of advenced English preparing for any examinations which require translation skills. It is hoped that this book will enable students to get to grips with abstract concepts more readily, while providing a wealth of vocabulary expansion material and practice in expressing complex ideas in appropriate English phrases, rather than by word-for -word translation. The book consists of thirty-two units followed by an index of the key words and phrases presented in those units. Each unit is organised as follows: 1 Test yourself - 15-17 lexical item multiple-choice questions at adnanced level 2 Answers & Explanations - providing the correct answers to the multiple-choice questions, and an explanation in English 3 Most Likely Greek Equivalent - giving the most likely Greek translation of the multiple-choice questions 4 Consolidation Stage - testing and extending the vocabulary items met in the earlier stages of the unit. The stage has two parts: a Greek to English (with prompts provided) b English to Greek 5 The Greek Approach in the Fast Lane - including sentences based on certain themes or grouped under specific categories. By reference to the examples, which are presented in both Greek and English, students are encouraged to produce their own examples orally and compare ideas with each other, stimulating class discussion and student interaction.

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