A Greek Quintet:Poems by Cavafy. Sikelianos, Seferis. Elytis, Gatsos

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A Greek Quintet: Poems by Cavafy. Sikelianos, Seferis. Elytis, Gatsos

Poems by Cavafy, Sikelianos, Seferis, Elytis and Gatsos. This translated anthology brings together a selection from the works of the five poets who may be said to take pride of place in substantiating the Greek poetry achievement of the 20th century.

Translated by Philip Sherrard

Philip Sherrard was educated at Cambridge and London and taught at the universities of both Oxford and London, but he made Greece his permanent home. A pioneer of modern Greek studies and translator, with Edmund Keeley, of Greece's major modern poets, he wrote many books on Greek, philosophical and literary themes. He was also the translator and editor (with G.E.H. Palmer and Bishop Kallistos Ware) of the Philokalia, a collection of texts in five volumes by the spiritual masters of the Orthodox Christian tradition.

A profound, commited and imaginative thinker, his theological and metaphysical writings embrace a wide range of subjects, from the study of the spiritualizing potential of sexual love to the restoration of a sacred cosmology which he saw as the only way to escape from the spiritual and ecological dereliction of the modern world.