Blinky Bill's Red Car DVD

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Blinky Bill's Red Car DVD

Blinky Bill is an iconic Aussie storybook hero who wears a pair of patched red overalls and has an insatiable appetite for mischief.

Follow the fun-loving marsupial and his animal pals Nutsy, Splodge, Flap and Marcia on their outback adventures, which include hilarious run-ins with Greenpatch's silly Mayor Pelican and keeping the community safe from a roving pack of dingoes.

Based on Dorothy Wall's much-loved series of children's books and brought to the screen by acclaimed animator Yoram Gross, Blinky Bill is up to his usual tricks, finding himself in a whole lot of strife in three colourful adventure stories: Blinky Bill and the Red Car, Blinky Bill's Fun Run and Blinky Bill--The Teacher.

Language: English

Rated G (General)


MINUTES: 72 minutes

Full Colour