LA BOITE Music & Poetry

LA BOITE Music & Poetry

Starting on Thursday July 20th ay 7pm at the Greek Bilingual Bookshop we will start having boite nights of music and poetry, poetry put to music and contemporary modern and original Greek music and  poetry night. All poets, musicians and comedians welcome to perform a poem or song or short skit. All performers must register before hand by email. You can perform in any language as long as you provide a translation or explanation of your item on the night. Please email

Our resident musicians are Sotiris Prokopiou, recenlty arrived from Cyprus, who is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bouzouki and baglama player, Marina Thieveos, vocalist and Eleni Elefterias, songwriter, vocalist. Many more friends will be performing in coming weeks.

This even will be held once a fortnight.

Cost of attendance is $20 adult ticket and $15 concession.

The background photo of the tsolia with a tzoura is from a mosaic artwork by Fimi Pandoussis.