Houdini's Flight by Angelo Loukakis

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Houdini's Flight by Angelo Loukakis

Sometimes you need to disappear to find yourself ...

to escape takes a special kind of magic. terry Voulos is struggling. His marriage, his relationship with his son and his work prospects are shaky. He finds solace in the possibility of a new career as a magician, before a tragic accident sends him into exile, estranged from all that is familiar. Hal Sargeson, a one-time magician and lifelong disciple of Harry Houdini, takes terry under his wing. He begins to school terry in the same arts of escape that the great Houdini used to thrill Australian audiences a hundred years earlier, but keeps to himself a knot that might have beaten even the master. terry is eventually brought to truths more disturbing than his present troubles, and to a moment when the healing power of magic is truly needed. Between Houdini's example and Hal's guidance, terry learns much more than the routine illusions of the everyday magician. HOUDINI'S FLIGHt is a moving and surprising story of finding meaning in the most unexpected places. 'a narrative of primary colours. the openness is hard to resist' Michael McGirr, tHE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, on tThe Memory of Tides

Ed. 2010

Soft Cover

352 pages

About the author

Angelo Loukakis has worked as a teacher, scriptwriter, editor and publisher. He is the author of the fiction titles FOR THE PATRIARCH, VERNACULAR DREAMS, MESSENGER and MEMORY OF TIDES. His non-fiction titles include a travel book on Norfolk Island and the book of the television series WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? His collection of short stories, For the Patriarch, was winner of a NSW Premier’s Literary Award. Angelo has recently been appointed Executive Director of the Australian Society of Authors.