Kapelis The Hatmaker by Andreas Kappa HARD COVER

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Released August 2017

HARD COVER (also available as soft cover)

By Greek Australian Author and barrister Andrew Kostopoulos

Based on a true story of a Greek hat maker during the Ottoman period and the trials and tribulations of his family in the subsequent years. 

Journey through an anthology of modern Europe seen through the eyes of an ordinary family living through extraordinary times.

The ceaseless struggle to return democracy back to the land of democracy’s birth.

The moral protection of the Jewish people by Orthodox Hellenes against the pogrom inflicted on the Jews by the vile machinery of the evil Nazis in Modern Greece.

A man whose motherland then ached from civil war, dictatorship, bankruptcy, endless adversity and utter evil.

Justice prevails for Kapelis by applying ‘good versus good’ to cure his pain from living through a century of injustices.

‘Please come with me and enjoy this journey’ – Andreas Kappa

The book has already gotten wonderful reviews as the following review we have copied here shows:
“Andrew Kappa has written an exceptional book, Kapelis “the hatmaker” is a must read for all those who love, honour and value history, family values and an ending that will take your breath away. Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the whole book. This is a book that the whole family can enjoy.
– Anonymous
August 22, 2017