Sky Sucks - bilingual Greek & English edition by Dina Tourvas

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Sky Sucks - bilingual Greek & English edition by Dina Tourvas


175 pages

What would you do if you were a young woman with a young family struggling to make ends meet by working as an art teacher and artist, living and working in the inner city, when suddenly some unfair parking laws meant that you were constantly getting fined by the local council. 

This is the story of one woman who decided to fight back and spends a few days in jail where she meets some very colouful characters. 

It is an interesting, provocative and entertaining story based on a true experience and the unfairness of the 'system' in which we live.

As editor Sofia Sakellis says on the back cover of the book "Dina Tourvas weaves an authentic and intruiging autobiographical story as a temporary detainee who gets close and personal with a diverse cohort of female prisoners of every age, background and calibre. She is able to communicate with them on a deeply human level, and examine their suffering and its impact on their lives. It is a rare and honest glimpse into an unfamiliar world, brought about by her commitment to her values of fairness and dignity, and her dogged determination to be true to herself and her principals....."