The Real Greek Yogurt Book English version

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The Real Greek Yogurt Book English version

by Ilias Fountoulis

Ed./ 2014

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Everything about yogurt

How it's made

Yogurt from ancient times

3 types of Greek yogurt


I have been savouring Greek yogurt for as long as can remember. Whether it was to complement a main meal an in between snack, a light evening meal or my favourite dessert: yogurt with honey and nuts. Never has it been absent in my home, Its white creamy texture, its slightly sour taste, its sweet sensation which lingers on the palate! Always; I always wanted one more spoonful, and one more, and just one more. It was never just a nutritional food. Yogurt for me was a childhood moment of pure enjoyment. Growing up, I remained faithful to its taste. From my mother's kitchen, it now has a permanent place in mine, continue to consume it whenever possible and I feel lucky that I live in Greece: a country with a tradition for this wonderful product. For many years, we, the Greek people have been producing genuine Greek yogurt. While we send it beyond our borders to various countries all over the world, we also use it in our daily cooking in a variety of different ways. It is this tradition with which wanted to "travel". I wanted to explore this, high in nutritional value, food's history and "secrets". My travel companion on this journey is Ilias Fountoulis; contributor and author of this publication. He too a Greek yogurt enthusiast. Equipped with the experienced from his professional work in gastronomy he is able to guide us through Greek livestock. He introduces us to the main areas of production, he explains how Greek yogurt is inextricably linked to good health and how beneficial it is to children. Additionally, he shows us some wonderful recipes with all possible combinations and ways of using the product, for young and old to enjoy every day. Yogurt is a whole world in itself. It begins at the place of its production and is connected to the people. The people that take care of the animals which provide the milk. Real Greek yogurt is everything that is connected to the product at every stage of its production.