TSOLIAS with bouzouki by Mosaics by Efthymia

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TSOLIAS with bouzouki by Mosaics by Efthymia

This sample is a held at the bookshop but you can order one.

All orders are created within 6 weeks and will have slight differences as they are all individual, hand made pieces.

The size is 60cm x 45cm x 2cm (Large poster size)

A double size is also available.

Various Modern Greek and Hellenic Classical and even Byzantine reproductions can be made specially for you.

Just email us with a jpeg of your own design or use one of ours (a selection will be available soon).


$440 for this size

$880 for the next size up (double the size)

Certain reproductions may be more expensive depending on the type or how detailed the artwork is and the materials used.

All are hand made by the artist herself with quality glass tiles and other materials.