Vocabulary Builder Greek CDRom for All Ages

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Vocabulary Builder Greek CDRom for All Ages


Learning new words really is child’s play with this cartoon disc for all ages!

- Use the microphone to record cartoons and play them back in your own ’cinema’.
- Challenge your family to join in with the nine different games.
- Click on pictures to hear the words.
- Win your own gold award.
- Ask the friendly tiger for help - he speaks 49 languages!

If your child’s face lights up when they see a brightly coloured picture, cuddly toy animal or a game, then this is for them. Vocabulary Builder is designed for kids who like to be entertained. It has lots of brightly coloured pictures and fun games to get your child hooked on learning.(Adults love this programme too.)

Vocabulary Builder is designed for children aged 4-12. It’s a simple piece of educational software that they’ll find easy to use. It’s fun, engaging and encouraging - even for children who are easily distracted.

No reading required. Vocabulary Builder is all based on spoken language and pictures, so children don’t have to be able to read in order to use it.

Vocabulary Builder covers some basic words and phrases. These have been chosen to be fun as well as useful. There are around 100 words in the programme - just enough to get your child started without overloading them. The topics include colours, numbers, actions, professions and simple sentences with some prepositions.

There are three different sections:

- Learn what the words mean with pictures accompanied by the spoken word.
- Three exciting memory games that get progressively harder. It’s this section where they really learn to recognise and remember words.
- Record your own story. Browse through the pictures and record the words you want to appear. You can compare your recording with a native speaker if you want. You can also string your story together with any words you want to put in, then watch your story played back on cinema screen followed by a big round of applause. This really gets them talking in a foreign language and you’ll be amazed how quickly they pick up the accent.

Notes for parents:

Biologically, the earlier a child is exposed to a second language the better - studies have proven that a young mind is more receptive than an older one. Learning this language now will also improve your child’s ability in other languages.

Memory is greatly improved when accompanied by fun and laughter. That’s why we’ve included plenty of games for your child to enjoy.

If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry! You can learn this language from any of over 70 languages - in a single programme!

System Requirements - Windows, Mac Universal
- Windows 2000 or later
- Mac OS X 10.2 or above
- CD ROM Drive (+ computer microphone)